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Trivia - Wild Salmon

Mar 14,2023 | DermaRev


1.   The average wild salmon can swim a marathon distance of up to 48 km in a day.  (True / False)

2.   Anadromous is a species of mice found only in South America. (True / False)

3.   Salmons can tolerate a wide range of salinity to survive both in fresh and sea water. (True / False)

4.   Salmon has a rich source of protein and omega-3 fatty acid.  (True / False)

5.   Salmon loves to spawn in vast oceans and seas.  (True / False)

6.   Salmon have a sharp sense of smell to guide them from the ocean to fresh water rivers.   (True / False)

7.   Salmon can change colour 5-8 times in their life time. (True / False)

8.   Most Salmons die after spawning.  (True / False)

9.   Salmon DNA are compatible to humans.  (True / False)

10.  The polynucleotide (PN) extracted from Salmon DNA can be used for skin anti-aging and regenerative purposes.   (True / False)


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