Rejuran Sunscreen
Rejuran Sunscreen

Rejuran® Sunscreen

Rejuran® Sunscreen

A rejuvenating and moisturizing UV protector. Never feeling sticky and leaving a white residue. It contains 66% USDA certified organic ingredients.
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Key Benefits

1.   Defence against sun damage, helping to protect and preserve our skin.

2.   c-PDRN is a DNA component that promotes skin improvement and heals skin, wrinkles and elasticity damage.  Contains 0.2% c-PDRN and 66 USDA certified organic ingredients.

3.   Protects against UVA / UVB rays.

4.   All day rejuvenating and hydrating healing properties.

Suggested Regimen

Cleanse  >  Toner  >  Serum >  Moisturizer >  Rejuran® Sunscreen (day)