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Firstly, let's address the issues of parallel importing (also known as PI), and what constitutes PI?

Parallel import (some termed as gray market or parallel trade) refers to the practise of bringing in goods not via authorised and approved distribution and logistic channels.  These could be goods such as electronics, fashion clothings or even pharmaceutical and medical products without the knowledge of the manufacturer or trademark owner.

More importantly, the risk to end consumers will likely be that it doesn't come with coverage of warranties or after sales support for electric and electronic goods.  

Local medical insurers will also invalidate medical/ incident claims by clinics or patients if they can determine that the medical equipment/ medical device/ injection/ drugs used by the clinic, that resulted in an incident; accident or death weren't purchased from a licensed and authorised distributor. 

Licensed and authorised distributor of medical devices can only be approved by our local regulatory body in Singapore. 

Secondly, what if it isn't PI products, but possible fakes of counterfeits of medical products? That is another teething concern.

We will not address legal matters pertaining to Intellectual Property Rights such as Patents/ Trademarks/ Copyright Infringements in this article.

But simply to make a smarter consumer out of you.  Do refer to our guide here.

The content of this article is made in reference to Rejuran® medical devices.