Q & A for REJURAN® Advanced Range

REJURAN® Advanced Range

Q & A

Rejuran® Advanced

1.   Retinol + c-PDRN

2.   Pigment Corrector



Rejuran® Advanced

Q1.   What is Retinol and how to incorporate Retinol + c-PDRN Serum into my skincare?

A1.   Retinol is a derivative ingredient from Vitamin A and it has a long history in skincare for being a effective and safe anti-aging ingredient. This Retinol and c-PDRN combination is doubly effective in improving skin regeneration rate for a brighter and smoother complexion without the side effects of dryness and irritation.

You can use Retinol + c-PDRN Serum to replace any of your serum or ampoule during the night routine. We strongly recommend you to use a sunscreen in the morning to help protect your skin while you are using Retinol + c-PDRN Serum at night.

Q2.   I have some pigmentation on my nose and cheek area, and some pimple marks from some time ago, can I use the Pigment Corrector for these concerns?

A2.   The Pigment Corrector is an effective concoction of Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Bisabolol, Salicylic Acid and Lactic acid. It reduces the appearance of pigmentation and pimple markers over a period of time, giving rise to clearer and even skin tone.

You can use the Pigment Corrector in the morning and night time on the pigmented areas before your Moisturizer.

We also strongly recommend you to use UV Protection Cream in the day to reduce further darkening of the existing pigmentation.


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