Q & A for REJURAN® Cosmetic Range


REJURAN® Cosmetic Range

Q & A

Rejuran® Cosmetics

1.   Rejuran® Concentrate

2.   Rejuran® Moisturizer

3.   Rejuran® Healing Eye Gel

4.   Rejuran® Healing Cream

5.   Rejuran® Sunscreen

6.   Rejuran® Healer Healing Mask


Rejuran® Cosmetics

Rejuran® Cosmetics Clinic Line improve the skin turnover cycle and are thus effective for post-procedure or damage recovery.


Q1.   Is Rejuran® Cosmetics suitable for everyone?

A1.   This range is suitable for all skin types and it is highly recommended in clinics as post-treatment care. It is formulated with organic ingredients with patented c-PDRN® to speed up the recovery after lasers or PN-DOT injections.


Q2.   What are the steps for using the skincare?

A2.   For Day time: Rejuran® Concentrate > Rejuran® Healing Eye Gel > Rejuran® Healing Moisturizer > Rejuran® Sunscreen

For Night time: Rejuran® Concentrate > Rejuran® Healing Eye Gel > Rejuran® Healing Cream


Q3.   Can I still use the Rejuran® Healing Cream if I have oily skin?

A3.   Rejuran® Moisturizer will be more suitable for oily skin type due to its lightweight texture. You can use the Rejuran® Moisturizer during the day and night routine.


Q4.   My skin feels very dry after laser treatment, can I continue to use this range of skincare?

A4.   This skincare range will help to nourish your skin with beneficial ingredients to increase the skin turnover rate for a faster recovery from laser treatment. We strongly recommend to follow up with Rejuran Sunscreen diligently during the recovery period of your skin.


Q5.   When should I use the Rejuran® Healing Mask? Can I use it after treatments?

A5.   We recommend to use the Rejuran® Healing Mask once a week. You can start using the Rejuran® Healing Mask on the next day after treatments.



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