Rejuran Concentrate
Rejuran Concentrate

Rejuran® Concentrate

Rejuran® Concentrate

It is an ‘intensive skin improvement booster’ containing high concentration of c-PDRN®, acting as a defence to reduce dullness; enrich and revitalise skin, resulting in smoother and younger skin.
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Key Benefits

1.  Rejuvenating & Vital Energy Booster.  The formulation of highly concentrated c-PDRN penetrates deeper into skin’s surface layers for supple and radiant skin.

2.  Formulated with the exclusive ingredient, c-PDRN (4,000 ppm).  Such skin improvement activator is a specific standards of DNA fraction extracted from Korean wild salmon by using patented technology, DOT (DNA Optimizing Technology). It works to strengthen your skin’s natural barrier and improve skin elasticity.

3.  Formulated with USDA certified organic ingredients,  It contains 0.4% c-PDRN and 88% USA certified organic ingredients providing vital nutrients to moisturize, nourish and soften skin.

Suggested Regimen

Cleanse  >  Toner  >  Rejuran® Concentrate  >  Moisturizer  >  Sun Protection (day)