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Q & A - Rejuran® Derma Healer Range

REJURAN® Derma Healer Range

Q & A

Rejuran® Derma Healer

1.   Moisture Cream

2.   Moisture Ampoule

3.   Moisture Essence

4.   Moisture Treatment Mask

5.   Bubble Cleansing Water


Rejuran® Derma Healer

This range is specially formulated with PDRx, a highly-effective skin soothing ingredient, to speed up the healing process of damaged skin barrier in sensitive skin.

The products are formulated to allow quick absorption and the ingredients are selected carefully to minimize irritation.

Q1.  My skin feels very dry after cleansing and is often itchy if I do not apply skincare immediately after. Should I consider to change the cleanser to try the Bubble Cleansing Water?

A1.  If your skin feels dry and tight after cleansing, it is possible that your facial cleanser is over-stripping your skin natural oils, therefore causing your skin’s dryness and itch if you do not apply skincare immediately after.


In order to reduce your skin’s discomfort, you can use the Bubble Cleansing Water as both your makeup remover and facial cleanser if you wash twice with it. The cleansing water can be used to remove light makeup with cotton pads. After that you can use the bubble cleansing water by pumping directly into your hands to cleanse your skin gently to remove any remnants of make up, finish up with rinsing off with plenty of water. Your skin should feel clean and comfortable, without feeling tightness.


Q2.  My skin turns red easily from the sun and during my exercise. Should I use this skincare and how does it help my skin?

A2.  If your skin turns red easily with sun exposure and during your exercise, it shows that your skin is very reactive to both external aggressions and internal factors. Your can use this Derma Healer range will help to repair your skin barrier and reduce skin sensitivity.


It is formulated with PDRx, containing c-PDRN and Derma Complex, to calm the skin and reduce redness effectively. You can follow the skincare routine below:


For Day time: Bubble Cleansing Water > Moisture Essence > Moisture Ampoule > Moisture Cream > UV Protection Cream

For Night time: Bubble Cleansing Water > Moisture Essence > Moisture Ampoule > Moisture Cream


Q3.  What is Skin Protection Mask and when should I use it?

A3.   Skin Protection Mask infuses your skin with calming ingredients such as Oat, Cucumber, Aloe Extracts as well as PDRx. It is like a skin soothing powerhouse and it is suitable for any occasion especially after prolonged sun exposure or extreme weather conditions. It will help to reduce skin irritation and redness after using it. You can also use it the next day if your skin requires more attention.